Bishop O'ConnellMost Rev. David M. O'Connell, C.M.
10th Bishop of Trenton

Advent Reflections from Father Peter Stravinskas

adventbannerSaturday, Dec. 20th
A recurrent theme of the Advent liturgy is that “nothing is impossible with God.” Hence, peace can become a reality; a virgin can conceive; [continue reading...]

A Christmas poem by Bishop O'Connell

In love the Father has brought us to be
And gave us the gifts of the earth;
Yet pride turned our hearts and we could not see
Our sin and the need for Christ's birth.

In love was the Son announced by a star
With Joseph and Mary in place;
A manger for him, after traveling far,
As a stable gave shelter to Grace.

In love did the Mother bring close to her breast
The Child whom prophets foretold;
And Joseph stood near, a family blest,
A new age set free from the old.

In love did the angels sing "Glory to God"
And the shepherds all fell to their knees;
Three kings on their way, on camel's back plod
With gifts for the Prince of Peace.

In love has this story reached our ears,
The Lord Jesus was born on that night.
Salvation has followed, down through the years,
As our darkness gave way to His Light.

The multi-year initiative to strengthen our schools

A message from Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M.

O'Connell_NEW_coat-of-arms02Aside from private Catholic schools, there are 35 Catholic primary schools and 8 Catholic high schools located in the Diocese of Trenton. At the present moment, most of the Catholic high schools are stable. As many as 10 of the 35 primary schools are dealing with some risk factors that could impact their sustainability.

When I was appointed Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Trenton in 2010, the Apostolic Nuncio at the time, the late Archbishop Pietro Sambi, cautioned me that I would need to confront difficulties facing Catholic education here. Given my background, I felt prepared to study the situation objectively. [continue reading...]

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Diocesan Child Protection Efforts >>

The Diocese of Trenton is committed to the initiatives outlined in the U.S. Bishop's Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People in regard to the reporting and investigation of sexual abuse allegations involving minors.
If you have been sexually abused as a minor by a member of the clergy or anyone representing the Catholic Church, or if you know of someone who was, you can report that abuse through the diocesan Abuse Hotline.

To report the sexual abuse of minors call our hotline 1-888-296-2965 or email us at

promiseProtect_NEW_artPlease note: The Diocese of Trenton reports any allegations of sexual abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Anyone with an allegation is also encouraged to provide that information to local law enforcement authorities.
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